Learn with Linda™

In my Learn with Linda™ online sessions, we roll up our sleeves and dive into the nuts-and-bolts of fundraising for nonprofit organizations. Sessions are a half-hour or so, yet are packed with the very information you need. I also provide information about my related online courses so that you can step up your fundraising game to a truly professional level.

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Learn How Your Organization Can Raise More Money by Involving Volunteers

Nonprofits typically involve volunteers to help with programs, do administrative work, and work on special events.

They're missing the boat!

Learn the many ways you can involved volunteers in fundraising, where to find them, how to recruit them, and how to keep them involved.

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Move Donors Up the Donor Pyramid by Using the Four Keys to Building Good Donor Relationships

If you’ve been in fundraising for more than a week, you’ve probably attended or been invited to at least one workshop on “making the ask.” But before you think about asking an individual, a business, or a foundation for money, you have to establish a relationship. Come learn how to build the relationships before you think about making the ask!

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5 Secrets to Successful Capital Campaigns

Are you getting ready for a capital campaign?

In this Learn with Linda™ session, I'll reveal the five secrets of successful capital campaigns (some of them may surprise you). You will learn how to ensure that your campaign is less about the “pain” part and more about making your organization stronger for the future.